Katya's ANIWELL is a professional INSURED 24/7 Live-In Pet-Sitting, Small (Hobby) Farm Tending & Special Needs Animal Minding Service providing one on one personal customised care for companion animal(s), Horses and Livestock - in the comforts of their own territory. Katya's ANIWELL is owned by Katja Peck and operated by her & her partners. All co-sitters are long-time friends of Katja and take great care and responsibility in looking after your pets and animals. Katya's ANIWELL is working as a team!


I am Katja, I am a German national and moved to Perth, WA​ over a decade ago. I brought with me my experience with all creatures great and small from birds to cats, dogs, a business of ferrets, horses, diverse rodents, some reptiles, squirrels and even a racoon. I am specialised in rehabilitation for agile, inactive or older pets as I am a Canine & Equine Massage Therapist and Rehabilitation Practitioner certified by the German Association for Animal-Naturopathy & -Physiotherapy (DGT reg. Assoc.) and member of the National Working Group of German Animal Physiotherapists (AFT - Gbr). I made my passion my job and don't own any pets myself - so I can be fully dedicated to your furbabies without being distracted by family commitments. 



Educational Background


My curriculum with the FAT, Gelsenkirchen - now AFT interactive



  • Anatomy of Dogs & Horses

  • Pathology of the Passive Locomotive System in Dogs & Horses

  • Pathology of the Active Locomotive System in Dogs & Horses

  • Theory of Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation Exercises in Dogs & Horses 

  • Practice Human Massage

  • Dog Massage (2 Modules)

  • Dog Exercises (2 Modules)

  • Diagnostic Procedure (2 Modules)

  • Practice Horse Massage (3 Modules)

  • Theory & Practice of Stress-point Massage in Horses

  • Horse Exercise & Floor Work (3 Modules)

  • Hoof Anatomy & Pathology

  • Saddle Adjustment

  • Theory & Practice of Thermotherapy

  • Theory & Practice of Electrotherapy

  • Lymphatic Drainage in Dogs & Horses

  • Treatment Plans

  • Case Studies

  • Nutrition

  • First Aid

Work Experience

I worked as an associate in the outpatient Veterinary Physiotherapy Practice of Dunja Küper

in Germany.


My skills and responsibilities were:


  • General Care for Dogs and Horses

  • Generating Treatment-Plans independently for Canine Rehabilitation 

       (according to Veterinary Diagnosis)

  • Application from part- or whole-body dog massage and horse massage

       (according to Veterinary Diagnosis)

  • Conducting Passive Range of Motion Exercise-Techniques on dogs and horses

       (according to Veterinary Diagnosis)

  • Conducting Active Motion Exercise-Techniques on dogs and horses

       (according to Veterinary Diagnosis)

  • Application of Thermo- and Cryotherapy (Ice) on dogs and horses 

  • Application of Hydrotherapy on dogs and horses

  • Application of prescribed oral and topical Medication on dogs and horses

Extension Studies


I volunteered for 4 years as a Stable Hand in Germany and 1 year in Vet Nursing in Perth, Western Australia.


I completed a course in Animal Communication Level 1 with Trisha McCagh from ANIMAL TALK in March 2015.


Animals communication is a silent language through feeling across a distance. It involves the direct transmission of feelings, emotions, intentions, thoughts, mental images, impressions, sensations, and pure knowing also called intuition.



... and I don't smoke!



I assist Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters as an independent Pet Sitter and Dog Walker.

I've had dogs, cats, birds and fish for more than twenty years. They've been great companions and I truly appreciated them with their unconditional love and wonderful characters that they are. In recent years I've been caring for dogs and cats while the owners were away on holidays. My role was to follow the feeding schedules, taking them for their walks and sometimes keeping the pets company in their home, according to the owner's wishes. Other caring duties were, brushing their furs to prevent furballs, bathing them - especially with dogs, cleaning litter trays, wiping floors for any incidental messes, administering some medications like worming tablets, putting flea drops on the pet's skin, and giving other medicines that were prescribed.


Additionally, I looked after cockatiels, budgerigars, finches and parrots which I would feed and water and give them some space outside their cages with the permission of the owners. 


I've also clipped their wings and nails. I've handled some blue tongue lizards and non-venomous snakes. Aquatic fish like Siamese fighting fish, goldfish and others. I've fed them and cleaned their water bowls or water tanks. Making sure they stay healthy and happy.


I  hold a certificate in 'Alexander Technique', which I am currently working on to adapt for the use on animals.


I am a mother of a grown-up son and familiar with the responsibilities that come with caregiving and house-keeping duties. I don't smoke!


As a long-term friend of Katja, I support Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters as a Back-up Sitter in case the team is prevented by unforeseen circumstances from attending a Dog/Pet-Sitting or Walking.


Being an Australian by descent, living and working as a machine-engineer in Germany provided me with the highest standard in work-ethics, precision, tidiness and diligence in care and attention. 

I'm patient, considerate and responsible in the handling and caring for your animal friends and a reliable, trustworthy, neat and tidy house-sitter.

I looked after a menagerie of dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and diverse rodents during the past 25 years and we took in a variety of our friend's and family's pets regularly when they were on vacation.

I cared for sick dogs and pets and know how to handle midnight emergencies or how to administer prescribed medications well from my own experience. Even grumpy or anxious dogs and cats have usually no problem with me and become affectionate quickly.


I am flexible as I work from home and can attend a Pet-Sitting or fill in as a Back-up on short notice. I am a non-smoker!



  • On your premisses Dog/ Pet Sitting Overnight and/ or Daytime 

  • Individual Dog Walks

  • Small Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock

  • Special Needs Animal Minding for sick, disabled or post surgery Pets

  • Small Pet Minding

  • NEW! Individual 2-3 spots for Dog-Boarding & Doggy Day-Care @ my place


9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Friday


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



9:30 AM - 5:00 PM



Bridgetown Region and

Perth, Western Australia


Mail: aniwellkatya@yahoo.com.au
Tel:  0467 558 039

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Hobby-Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock, 24/7 Animal Minder. Insured, Professional 24/7 Care - Perth Region, Hills & Bridgetown/ Bunbury Area