Prime 24/7 Live-in Dog/Pet Sitting (Perth & Southwest WA)

Dogs vastly benefit from overnight or long duration visits by their Dog Sitter, as they enjoy having company in the comforts of their own home and don't experience the stresses of a noisy kennel full of strange people and anxious or unsocial animals. They are not exposed to potential diseases of other dogs and don't require additional shots. With Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters your Dog(s) will receive customised one on one care and will not be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time - or less if required. They would be engaged in activities like going to the beach or hiking in agreement with the owner's regulations and preferences. We will e-mail updates and photos of your pet to you while you are absent or even schedule a SKYPE appointment.

Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters is considerate, discrete and experienced in house sitting, paying attention to detail of cleanliness and safety. We are confident and capable of high-end real estate caretaking. You will come home to a house in pristine condition with happy and content animals. We are non-smokers! Katya's ANIWELL is insured and can provide contactable References and a Police Clearance for your peace of mind.


Horse or Hobby-Farm Tending (Greater Perth & the Southwest)

Do you need a helping hand on your Hobby-Farm or a break from your Menagerie? Above service suits the owners of Horses, Cows, Alpacas, Goats, Chickens, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Breeders.  We are confident and competent with rural and high-end real estate care-taking. Aquarium Care and a menagerie of multiple Cats, Ferrets, Birds or Rodents can be looked after, too. Daytime short check-ins can be arranged as well. Contact Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters to arrange a Free Meet & Greet to assess a quote.


Drop-in Pet-Minding (Area of Service depends on Availability)

Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters facilitates short visits multiple times a day to tend to your small pets or caged animals for feeding and cleaning up after them with cuddles and play. We also provide a two to eight-hour Day-Service to keep your dog, puppy or pet company while you are busy.


Individual Dog Walks (Inner Perth Suburbs, limited Capacity)

In our modern society, we are busy with work obligations and family commitments. Due to our time-consuming lifestyle, our Animal Companions often fall short of their 'walkies' or playtime. As intelligent sentient beings, it is not satisfactory for any dog to just have a run in the yard or garden. To stimulate their mind and senses a dog needs a trip to the park with all its exciting impressions. A ball-fetching game rounds up every walk with some heart-pounding exercises. Katya's ANIWELL 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters offers tailored Dog-Walks for all temperaments and sizes from 1/2 to 1,5 hours in a terrain of your choice. 

Special Needs Animal Care (Area of Service negotiable)

Katya's ANIWELL cares for Special Needs Animals - from Anxiety Issues to Dysphagia (Swallowing Difficulties), Epilepsy Patients, Senior Animals or Tripods (Three-legged dogs). We monitor Post Surgery Cases, Sick and Injured Animals and are confident in applying oral and topical treatments, so you can go about your business with peace of mind. 

Katya is a certified Canine & Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner - accredited by the German Association for Animal-Naturopathy & -Physiotherapy (reg. Assoc.) and specialised in caring for anxious, injured or older animals. She is also an experienced Stablehand.



In the event of overlapping bookings or Katja being indisposed, Katya's ANIWELL is endued with 2 committed and reliable, non-smoking Co and Backup Sitters who will be assigned to look after your animal(s). With Katya's ANIWELL you can be assured that your pets and your home are never left unattended.


Dog Fitness Programs (Area of Service depends on Availability)

Maintaining stability, posture and balance can contribute to improving health and mobility and reduces the risk of injury and soreness in agile or ageing dogs. Inactivity can lead to weight gain and further health problems. Katya's ANIWELL K9 Massage & Mobility can help you to get your dog more frequent exercises to address cardiovascular health; while targeted strengthening, stretching, and balance-exercises stimulate the core muscles and encourage joint stability. This is achieved through up-hill, cross-trail or water exercises and in special cases with therapeutic exercises and equipment.


NEW! Dog-Boarding & Doggy Day-Care
(@ Katja's House)

NEW: Katya's ANIWELL offers limited spots for DOG-BOARDING & DOGGY DAY-CARE to 3 small or 2 medium sized dog/s in Katja's house with a well sized fenced yard. We are close to Welshpool and Perth Airport with Tomato Lake and several other parks nearby. Dog-Boarding overnight and Doggy Day Care include a 30 min. walk!

Area of Service

My MOBILE SERVICE is coming to you: 



is available within Greater Perth Region from Lancelin to Mandurah, in Perth Hills and Hinterland from New Norcia, Gomalling, Toodyay, Northam, Meckering, York, Beverly down to Narrogin - AND THE SOUTHWEST!

If you live outside the boundaries of this map, contact me for Stay-ins over 7 days.



(3 times weekly) can be scheduled in Perth Inner Suburbs between Reid and Roe Hwy, Fremantle and Midland to the Coastal Suburbs.


ANIMAL-MASSAGE & REHABILITATION Appointments are available within Perth Inner Suburbs between Reid & Roe Hwy, Fremantle and Midland to the Coastal Suburbs in combination with a Sitting only!


Overnight Hobby Farm Tending from 7+ Nights onward. Petrol Fees apply according to the distances displayed on the map.



  • On your premisses Dog/ Pet Sitting Overnight and/ or Daytime 

  • Individual Dog Walks

  • Small Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock

  • Special Needs Animal Minding for sick, disabled or post surgery Pets

  • Small Pet Minding

  • NEW! Individual 2-3 spots for Dog-Boarding & Doggy Day-Care @ my place


9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Friday


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



9:30 AM - 5:00 PM



Bridgetown Region and

Perth, Western Australia


Tel:  0467 558 039

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Hobby-Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock, 24/7 Animal Minder. Insured, Professional 24/7 Care - Perth Region, Hills & Bridgetown/ Bunbury Area