Terms of Use 


Katya's Aniwell 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters is considerate, discrete and experienced in house-sitting and pays attention to detail of cleanliness and safety. We will e-mail updates and photos of your pet to you while you are absent. Contactable References, Police Clearance and Public Liability can be provided. We are non-smoking and we will schedule our activities in accordance with your dogs' (cats'/ ferrets' etc.) needs. I or one of my back-up Sitters stay in your house for your pets' sake and not because we need accommodation. We will only bring necessities and our own food required for the duration of our stay. With our typical German thoroughness, we will treat your place with the utmost care only using those rooms, features and appliances predetermined by you, the Owner and keeping them clean and in perfect working order at all times. We will respect your private space without fail and be economical with the use of utilities like electricity and water. You will come home to a house in pristine condition. The same principles apply to our business associates and assistants.


Privacy Policy

Katya's Aniwell and its Associates and Assistants warrant to keep safe and confidential all keys, remote control entry devices, access codes and personal information of the Owner and to return same to the Owner at the end of the contract period or immediately on demand. However, it is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that adequate house/ content and pet insurance is in place. 



Free Initial Consultation

Katya's Aniwell 24/7 Perth Pet Sitters and one of its assistants will familiarise themselves with your dog(s)/ pet(s)/ animal(s) in their environment during an initial consultation, while you can explain their routine or any discomforts they might experience and ask us any questions. We will assure the dogs respond well to basic commands and if there are any health- or behavioural-issues. Also age, gender and breed details are helpful. Of course we need to know everything about the animals' daily routine i.e. their food requirements, walking-times, - duration & -habits, limitations, likes and dislikes, potential dangers inside or outside of the house, medication and vet procedures in case of an emergency, the dogs'/ pets' transport routine etc. We would probably do a 'rehearsal-walk' with you and your dog(s). The same principles apply to any other animal being referred into our care.


Katya's Aniwell follows strict health and safety procedures and can not accept any animals and premisses that lack regular grooming and essential general care! 

Terms & Conditions

Katya's ANIWELL reserves the right to appoint one of her Co-Sitters to any Sitting if job assignments overlap or for any other unforeseen circumstances like illness of the assigned Sitter, emergencies or urgent call-outs to parallel occurring job assignments. All Co-Sitters are long-time friends of Katja and take great care and responsibility in looking after your pets and animals. Katya's ANIWELL is working as a Team!

Please note there is a minimum total price of $ 90 (and respectively a minimum of two bookings) for any kind or period of service.


A freshly issued police clearance can be provided on demand and will be charged with $ 50 for bookings under

$ 500.


A petrol fee of $ 5 for every 5 km may be charged depending on distance & frequency of driving to your location. Previous customers in combination with other appointments in the area will be taken into account.


All payments are to be paid in full 5 days prior to the pet sit date (No exceptions) and can be made by cash or bank deposit only.


A 30% non-refundable deposit for any sits is required with booking confirmation. This fee does go towards the full sit fee. If for any reason you cancel with less than 2 weeks notice, 70% of the sitting fee is required. A voucher may be issued to be used within 12 months depending on your circumstances. 

A 30 % non-refundable deposit/ cancellation fee applies indefinitely for early reservations for CHRISTMAS, EASTER, SCHOOL- AND PUBLIC-HOLIDAYS! This fee does go towards the full sit fee. If for any reason you cancel with less than 3 weeks notice, 90% of the sitting fee is required. A voucher may be issued to be used within 12 months depending on your circumstances. 


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  • On your premisses Dog/ Pet Sitting Overnight and/ or Daytime 

  • Individual Dog Walks

  • Small Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock

  • Special Needs Animal Minding for sick, disabled or post surgery Pets

  • Small Pet Minding

  • NEW! Individual 2-3 spots for Dog-Boarding & Doggy Day-Care @ my place


9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday - Friday


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



9:30 AM - 5:00 PM



Bridgetown Region and

Perth, Western Australia


Mail: aniwellkatya@yahoo.com.au
Tel:  0467 558 039

Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Hobby-Farm Tending: Horses & Livestock, 24/7 Animal Minder. Insured, Professional 24/7 Care - Perth Region, Hills & Bridgetown/ Bunbury Area